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How to Breed Cory Catfish

Cory Catfish are nice looking fish which are good for your aquariums, but how do they breed this interesting catfish. It is not easy spotting the male and female but there are a few physical pointers.
The female Cory has a wider structure, thick abdomen while the male seem more streamlined.
Put the Cory Catfish in a specially prepared holding tank
Select 12 Cory fish and place in a fish tank of about 40 gallons of water. Keep the water temperatures an even 69 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit then commence intense feeding.
The feeding program should be intense to simulate bountiful periods like spring time. The feed can consist of flacks, pellets, brine shrimps and live food like black worms.
After about four weeks the Cory Catfish would be ready to spawn. When they have enjoyed themselves and feed fat then they are ready to mate.
Breeding Cory Catfish
Select two females and two males and place them in your breeding tank of about 20 gallons. The temperature in the pond should retain the same 69 to 75 degree Fahrenheit.
To induce spawning after five days of transferring the fish try to lower the water temperature 3 degrees everyday. When the water reaches a low 65 degrees spawning should occur.
After attaining 65 degree Fahrenheit if the fish haven’t spawned repeat the process. The tank used for spawning is usually left bare without shrubs or gravel
The Cory Catfish usually lays their eggs on the side and bottom glass of the tank. Once you see the eggs take the Cory fish back to the holding tank.
You then introduce aerators then add several drops of acraflavin fungicide to prevent infection. Then use a heater to increase the temperature 2 degrees every six hours until you attain 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
Maintain the temperature at an even 72 degrees Fahrenheit for ten days and you will get hundreds of tiny fry. Cory Catfish fry eat small brine shrimps, live feed and finely ground flakes.
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