Swine Production Equipment: List of Pig Farming Equipment

It is essential having the right equipment for pig production. The equipment is basic and easy to source in the local market.
Some can be locally fabricated based on the need of the farmer. The equipment is meant for feeding, water, vet services, handling, weighing and housing. Here is a list of things you need to start a successful pig farm.
Pig Farming Tools and Equipment
           Pig farrowing crate
           Pig ventilation, cooler
           Piglet heating equipment
           Disposable boots
           Farrowing crate
           Medical equipment
The Pen
There are two ways to farm swine either free range or housed. You can build a wooden pen, metal or block pen. The pen could be outdoors or indoors depending on the geographical area and weather conditions.
The pen needs a shelter roof and height should not exceed 5 ft. Free range pigs require a sturdy perimeter fence. You can electrify the fence to prevent escape or predators getting into the enclosure. You need a power washer to remove dirt or manure from the facility.
Types of Pen
Pig Snare
To effectively provide medical or management of the pig you need a pig snare. The snare helps restrain the animal for a procedure.
To temporary mark and identify the pigs use livestock marking crayon. This is important during medical procedure or when administering vaccines.
Feeding System
The amount and quality of feed would determine the growth rate of the swine. You need to provide a feeding area and mechanisms for eating. The mechanisms could be automated or manual depending on the pen construction.
The automatic cylinder feeder should have a regulating system and base plate. Regulate the feeding time and speed control of the device. You need feeding pans, troughs and feeders.
Other equipment is feed scale to measure exact portion fed to the animal and a feed scoop. The function of a feed scope is to move feed from the bag to a feeder unit or bucket. Use a bucket to carry water or feed to the animals. A good steel or aluminium bucket with a handle will surface.
pig equipment
Feeding Equipment
           Automated or manual feeder
           speed control device
           feeding pans
           Troughs and feeders
           measuring scale
           feed scoop
           Aluminium bucket
Heating Unit
Farmers interested in farrowing sows need a heating unit for the young pigs. You should provide a supplementary source of heat for the piglets. Provide adequate sleeping area for them and introduce the heater lamps or bulbs. Adequate heating helps resist diseases and reduces heat waste.
Disposable Boots and Boot Dip
There are lots of diseases that affect swine which are caused by bacteria, virus or parasites. The farmer and visitors to the facility should wear disposable plastic boots as a bio security measure. This measure prevents dangerous microbes that attach to the sole of their shoe or sandals.
Alternately place a dip boot with appropriate disinfectant for visitor to insert their shoes before entering the farm. The farmer also needs to maintain this protocol anytime he enters the farm.
Use disinfectants between stocking to keep bacteria loads at a minimum. The boots and cloths should be limited only to farm use.
The comfort of the animal is paramount therefore provide appropriate bedding. Provide straw, hay, shredded paper work well and sawdust. Use plastic manure dropping boards to manage the pen faeces.
Types of Pig Bedding
           Shredded paper work well
Farrow Crate
To prevent accident like the sow lying on the piglets use a farrowing crate. Sows are rather massive and are sometimes a danger to their young. You could construct one from wood or buy a readymade metal crate.
Medical Equipment
There is much equipment used for treatment, grooming or medical procedures. Common equipment is pliers, dressing, scalpel handles, blades and syringes. To prevent a condition known as boar taint in puberty the males pig is castrated with the scalpel.
Most boar piglets are castrated 1 week of age. You need side-cutting pliers to blunt the tips of their teeth. The reason is to prevent damage during scratches, cuts and bruises during fights between piglets.
Introduce ear notching pliers to cut notches on piglets for easy identification. The syringe is an essential tool in administering vaccinations or injections. Use multiple dose syringes or disposable injections.
The syringe capacity range from 10cc to 50 cc and needle size depends on size of the animal. You need wound dressing to prevent infection in wounds or during a medical procedure. Provide good storage area for medication like shelves and refrigeration for vaccines.
Medical Tools
           Scalpel handles
           Side-cutting pliers
           Ear notching pliers
           Multiple dose syringes
           Disposable injections
           wound dressing
           Medicine shelves
           Refrigeration for vaccines
A wheelbarrow is a useful tool to move feed, bedding and clear manure. You need pitchfork, scoop shovel to move hay, manure or to clean the pen.
Watering System
Install a nipple dispensing system or provide water manually. There are also automatic systems to provide adequate water throughout the day. Pigs require lots of clean drinking water.
1 week old piglets require 250 g water per kg weight, fattening pigs 12 L water, pregnant sows 17L water per night. You can introduce a corrosion resistant duck billed pig drinker. Make sure you have a polypropylene (piglets) or stainless steel watering bowl for the adults.
Loading Area
Mature pigs are huge, heavy animals and require proper handling equipment. You need a loading area to transport or load them on a truck. The loading area should have sliding gate adjustable to floor area. Invest in hand held hurdle of 6 x 30 inch plywood to herd pigs.

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