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Larger farms need to provide high quality feed for faster growth. It is better to produce the feed and provide the essential nutrients.
To successfully farm catfish you need to learn the hatchery techniques. It involves selecting a mature male and female fish and inducing egg production.
Aquaponic gardening is an effect way to raise plants and animals. The garden is constructed for maximum utility of available resources.
There are certain ingredients that go into the formulation of fish feed. The ingredients are easily accessible in the open market.
Introducing aerators into your pond is important. they provide air and a conducive environment to stimulate growth and better living conditions
Did you know that you can successfully farm tilapia at home? Tilapia is a flat fish delicacy favored I many country dishes
While constructing your pond you need to include a pond liner. Pond liners are waterproof easily maneuverable and very effective.
There are many ways to sell your catfish product. one of the most efficient methods is smoking the fish or exporting to other countries.
Channel catfish can grow into very large sizes. They need special care, good water condition and highly nutritious feed.
Many commercial feed producers put different things into their feed. However there are standard requirement before certification by the food and drug administration.
Everybody loves the beautiful tiny goldfish. Do you know under the right conditions you can breed them at home?
Breeding Cory fish is slightly technical but relatively easy. You need to prepare the breeding ant and provide the perfect condition.
There are different methods farmers use to feed Cory fish. What are the best techniques and methods to achieve maximum growth?
A popular farming method in Asian countries is integrated farming. The system combines two or three farming methods to create a synergy.
Breeding catfish in plastic tanks is a simple nut effective method. The fish grow rapidly and the tanks require little maintain
There are over one hundred’s species of catfish in the wild. As a fish farmer it is important identify a few species.
The best way of maximizing your profit is opening an outlet. An outlet guarantees maximum returns on sale of your fish
Like all living thing fish get sick. You need to learn how to spot diseases and infection in your catfish.
Fish farming under the right conditions is moderately challenging. Here are 1o major challenges facing fish farmers
Once you have bred your fish to maturity you need to sell. There are many way to sell your catfish stock
Some fish farmers concentrate only on breeding fingerlings. The fingerlings market is a specialize area of fish farming that is highly lucrative.
There are different stages of development in catfish. The fish grows from an egg, to fry, fingerlings and then…….
There is certain equipment you need to successfully farm catfish. Make sure the equipment you purchase is quality and durable.
Many farmers after purchasing the fish stock them badly. There are easy but effective techniques of stocking catfish.
Without fresh water you have no fish pond. You need vast amount of water to successfully farm catfish
Although prices vary form country fish farmers have a standardized way to determine price. The ways fish farmers determine price depends on a few factors.